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Our Social and Environmental Commitments

As the saying goes, “Not all that glitters is gold.” It’s quite easy to choose a travel operator based solely on their marketing appeal or low prices. A closer look can reveal striking differences in a travel company’s commitments to practicing eco-tourism or CSR (corporate social responsibility).  You, as the customer, have an opportunity to choose a company that is committed to practicing eco-tourism and CSR, and in turn showing a positive social and environmental legacy where you travel. Most international travellers these days do care about responsible travel, and they realize what it means to choose the alternative.

By choosing Nature Discovery, you are promoting responsible travel at the highest level. We are leaders in the development of some of the most notable and enduring positive social and environmental impacts on Kilimanjaro and other mountains and wild places in Tanzania, as well as in Arusha where we are based. These positive impacts include the following:

  • With close collaboration from KPAP (the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project), we have been the catalyst and central protagonist in making ethical porter treatment standards take hold on Mount Kilimanjaro. Our body of work with KPAP has ‘trailblazed’ the way as the leading example of porter treatment standards on Kili. See more about this in the ‘Leaders of ethical porter treatment standardssection.
  • We have been instrumental in the establishment and continued development of the Arusha Bicycle Center, a social enterprise opened in August 2015 to promote the growth of the bicycle in Arusha as a means of transport and sport. We’ve already sold over 2,000 bikes in 2016 from the bike center, located next to our office in Arusha. All of the profits of this endeavour go to the growth and development of competitive cycling in Tanzania. We are passionate about social investment, green transport and likewise about the development of competitive sport in Tanzania. Learn more on the ABC Facebook page.
  • We take training, education and skills development seriously, and we are developing leaders. Our guides and management are trained and certified as Wilderness First Responders, Leave No Trace mentors, and stand-out members of our communities. Our dedication to develop responsible leaders and professionals is well-documented and a daily commitment we make. Our staff are amongt the best-paid in the tourism industry in Tanzania, and they are trained, encouraged, and incentivized to hold themselves to the highest standards of professionalism and leadership.
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Nature Discovery was very efficient at organising my trek, I dealt directly with them rather than a travel agent. Whilst on the trek, the team of guides and porters were professional, knowledgeable and enjoyable to spend time with. An amazing experience all round. Thank you.

Lisa Huitson Australia

Nature Discovery were a phenomenal outfit: professional, knowledgeable and excellent fun. We climbed in a huge group to set a Guinness World Record for the highest altitude football game ever played (Equal Playing Field) but the silent heros and heroines were Nature Discovery crew. Every single individual, from the guides to the porters to the cooks to the sanitary crew made our dreams come true. If you want an ethical, professional, well managed, fun loving outfit, go with Nature Discovery!

Maggie Murphy UK

Thank you for the most amazing trip with the best bunch of guides and porters you could wish for…

The pictures are now doing the rounds and we are having a big get together at a local pub tomorrow evening to show all the pictures and videos taken and that will be a great evening and you and all of our guides etc will be very much in our thoughts. Our group had Honest, Nastoria, Edward and Laizer as our guides and they were absolutely fantastic. Please, please pass on our huge thanks to them all for their expert advice and encouragement that managed to get us all to the top and this was solely due to their magnificent help. The food was absolutely top class (better than the Lodge!!) and Good Luck a delight as our waiter.

I can’t thank you enough for the experience, something I know that will stay with me forever

Caroline Sales UK

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