So you might be wondering what life is like in the Tanzanian bush during Covid19?

Find out with 40 episodes of safari broadcasts being produced while the world is in lockdown!

Rolling every day for the next month is a project to bring the wilds of Serengeti and the Kilimanjaro right to your phone or tablet, with a series called Serengeti Show Live. Tune in daily at GMT+3 to the YouTube channel @serengetishowlive:

Each episode will feature wildlife and landscapes which have made Tanzania famous. Each day the team brings us unique new original HD video content, broadcasting the drama an beauty of the great migration. Tune in to the show, share it with your colleagues and family, watch it with your kids. Since you can’t be there now; it’s the next best thing!

ND is supporting this project, and we will be bringing you exclusive video of a Nature Discovery guide team standing at Uhuru Peak, so stay tuned and check-in daily to watch these videos.