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Mobile Camping Safaris offer the greatest flexibility for positioning ourselves close to the seasonal concentrations of wildlife and for getting way off the beaten track for an authentic adventure. Being in an exclusive-use campsite allows you to experience the African bush in a ‘no compromise’ fashion, catered to your specific needs and desires. This exclusivity is the ultimate  way to experience a safari.

Nature Discovery offers two types of camping accommodation to our safari guests:

Classic Camping Safaris

Classic Camp Tent

Classic Camp Tent

Our classic Camp can be set up inside or outside the National Parks. The sites are in the wilderness, have no facilities and we provide the sleeping tents with toilets and showers, a dining tent, and the campfire  of course! Outside the parks  we offer a number of private campsites exclusively for our guests. which dot the map from Longido to Lake Natron, and around the Serengeti.

Although our Classic camp is not a luxury camp per se, the comfort of a solar-lit, walk-in tent with comfortable beds, an en-suite toilet and shower set in such wild environs, offers an exclusive experience that is a luxury.

Our camp crew sets up the camp prior to your arrival and breaks it down again after you depart – leaving no trace you were there. We provide our expert bush chefs to prepare and cook all the meals. We use specially procured eco-friendly  charcoal to bake fresh breads for the camp, and our guests will attest that our cooks can prepare gourmet meals despite the basic amenities of their bush kitchens. We also use eco-friendly water heaters for hot showers using just a few bio-briquettes (an alternative to charcoal made from coconut husk waste), then adding grasses and twigs as kindling. We feel strongly about running our camping safaris with concern for the environment – being part of the solution, instead of part of the problem.

The camping gear, equipment and tents are clean and modern. Low impact pick-up truck supply vehicles carry all the camp supplies, food, drinks and the camp crew.

Classic Camp Interior

Classic Camp Interior

Amenities include:

  • 4m x 3m insect proof nylon classic style safari tent with fly sheet and 4m x 1.5m verandah
  • en suite portable flush-style toilet and bucket shower that is filled with hot water on request
  • lighting by solar charged L.E.D lights custom designed for our tents. Each tent has an veranda light, inner tent lights, and a light in the en-suite toilet.
  • Comfortable twin size single or full size double flatsafari beds with thick mattresses, comfortable pillows and quality, clean bedding provided
  • veranda with table and two chairs for relaxing and taking in the view
  • bath towels are also provided

Meals are taken in our dining tent;a specially designed structure made of canvas and netting-mesh to let in the air and sights while keeping out any unwanted insects. We provide dining tables and chairs. Lighting is by solar lanterns.


Dome Tent Camping Safaris

Dome Tents

Dome Tents

Our dome tent camp is a simple, no frills way to experience the wilds of Tanzania. It’s a way to get off the beaten track and experience exclusivity – without breaking the bank. The camp is set up just for your group – . It’s also a more mobile option than our Classic Camp, and can be moved quickly and more easily than our larger Classic camp, offering more flexibility for moving the camp each day, or moving further afield in a day.

As with our Classic Camp, we can set up our dome tent camp inside or outside of the Game Parks. We also have a number of exclusive-use campsites dotted throughout northern Tanzania.

We set up the camp and have it ready for your arrival. When you leave, we break it down and leave no trace of our stay. We provide all the meals, purchase all the groceries and supplies and send an expert bush chef along to prepare delicious meals for you.

Dome Tent Safari Bed

Dome Tent Safari Bed

As with the Classic Camp, we use eco-friendly  camping practices that minimize our impact and allow us to leave no trace.. We’ve designed and fabricated our own special use ‘dome’ camping tents that allow maximum flexibility, including being carried by donkeys on our donkey treks, and being equally suitable in the cold mornings at the high-altitude Empakai Crater rim as they are in the heat of Lake Natron. They are totally waterproof, and designed to keep our insects and other creepy-crawlies, yet let air and breezes in when the temperatures are warm. The camping geareasily fits into a low-impact pick-up truck. Guest participation is not required to set up the camp or perform tasks in camp.Camp Amenities include:

  • 2.5m x 2.5m insect proof dome ripstop tents with fully sealed tub floors, each with verandas
  • Canvas safari frame beds, each with a foam mattress, pillow and sleeping bag and liner bag
  • lighting at night is by solar lantern
  • each tent has its own wash stand
  • a separate toilet tent and shower tent are provided – one of each per 7 campers

Our dining tent is specially designed to function well in any weather conditions – with removable panels to let in air and sights when the weather is pleasant and to shut out the elements if need be. We provide dining tables, comfortable light weight chairs and lighting at night is by  solar lanterns. When possible, meals are taken al fresco.

Best Responsible Guide Company 2019

I would heighly recommend Nature Discovery To anyone seeking the perfect safari experience! From the accommodations to the highly experienced friendly staff, absolutely everything was exceptional!
I will be pinching myself for weeks to come! Thank you Nature Discovery!

Marci King USA

Voyage vraiment fabuleux.
Agence très sérieuse, très à l’écoute, qui prend le temps de vous poser toutes les questions nécessaires pour bien comprendre le projet de voyage de chacun avant de vous proposer un circuit. Sylvain et Cécile ont été très réactifs lors du changement de vol imposé quelques jours avant notre départ, ils trouvent une solution efficace très rapidement.
Le safari correspondait à nos attentes, notre guide Henry a été parfait, très compétent sur la faune, la flore et bien plus, très prudent, à l’écoute de nos envies et humainement adorable.
Merci encore pour toutes ces émotions que vous nous avaient fait vivre! À bientôt pour de nouvelles aventures!

Angeline Et Maxime Sinotte France

Wow – five stars hardly tells the story of the outstanding experience we had using Nature Discovery as our safari expert. I was amongst 23 professional women from the US, Europe and Asia and we had the experience of a lifetime. This is largely due to Nature Discovery’s extremely well thought out game plan of where, when and why, and impeccably organized and delivered service. Four different safari parks, two days in the bush with the local Massai tribe, a coffee plantation, several unique but spectacular camp accommodations, and outstanding guides (4 jeeps and 4 guides) made for a blow your mind experience overall. As I said on facebook – I went for the animals (which were spectacular), but I fell in love with the people. A wonderful outcome thanks to Nature Discovery. I / we can’t wait to come back!

Robyn USA

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