Climbing Kilimanjaro is the ultimate goal for many trekkers. Each day brings a new landscape as you begin from the savannah, move through the forest and alpine desert, and climb upward to the ice and snow at the summit.

Climb the ‘Roof of Africa’ on a private trek

Considering that you will likely only climb Kilimanjaro once, you should “do it right”.

We offer private treks on the dates of your choice, on a “tailor-made” trek where you can choose your specific dates, number of days, route, gear choices, and conditions to meet your needs.

The prices break even at about 4 people to do a private group. With 3 or fewer, it’s better value to join one of our group treks.

How to choose your private trek

Select your number of days

Our private treks can be from 5 to 10 days, depending on which route you chose. It is important to remember that not only fitness but also enough acclimatization is needed to ensure whether you reach the summit or not.

The single most important factor depends on the number of days taken.

Summit success rates

The park minimum is 5-days – that’s 3.5 days to the summit. Only about 50% of those on 5-day climbs reach the summit. Of the roughly 1,000 climbers we take up the mountain each year, we average 8 days and we get just over 90% of our climbers to Uhuru Peak.

Breaking that down, the results are dramatic when comparing the summit success rates vs. the number of days on the mountain. These are Nature Discovery’s estimated summit success rates:

5 days: 75%
6 days: 82%
7 days: 87%
8 days: 92%
9 or 10 days: 95%

It makes a significant impact on summit success rates to take extra days. The best plan is to take 7 or more days, in order to make your efforts worthwhile and make the experience a pleasant and fulfilling one!

Select your climbing route

Our private treks allow you to tailor-make your climbing route to the top of Kilimanjaro choosing from the six approach routes.

Our Kilimanjaro experts will be happy to assist you in choosing the best route.

Gear choices

Whether you are looking for a luxurious summit to the top, or don’t mind roughing it, we have a variety of gear choices on offer.

We offer 4 main options for the level of gear and services. The majority of our treks are run in the “Superior” option, but we also offer a simpler and less expensive options, called “Lite” and “Hut”.


No visit to Tanzania is complete without a quintessential safari. Begin or end your climb of Kilimanjaro with a safari experience where you can immerse yourself in the rich and varied ecosystems in Tanzania.

We design and operate customized safaris for those who want an exclusive Tanzanian safari experience. We offer permanent safari lodges, tented camps and our own private mobile camping safaris.

Book your climb

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Best Responsible Guide Company

Nature Discovery is the best agent to secure your Kilimanjaro climbing. Guides like Sam and Philip run the strongest team, always disciplined and caring! Equipment is of highest quality, camp management is in order, incredible eating, perfect information and briefing.  A top team spirit; smile on their faces, and, if needed, serious, alert, dedicated. They know the mountain and its challenges! Imagine, two lady-climbers feeling totally safe and perfectly guided by this professional team!
We fully recommend Nature Discovery! It was amazing and we will never forget this wonderful journey!

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Kilimanjaro: The Trekking Guide to Africa’s Highest Mountain