Nature Discovery offers non-summit treks on Kilimanjaro. These treks are ideal for those who do not have enough time to summit Africa’s highest peak, want to take their children along, or are unsure about the effects of high altitude.

We offer a 1-day trek on the Shira Plateau in the West or a 1-day trek on the Marangu route in the east. We supply a qualified guide who is Wilderness First Responder trained, lunch packs and water, and you can trek anywhere between 3 and 6 hours depending on fitness levels.

Kilimanjaro Shira Plateau Trek or Mountain Biking (full day)

This trek is for those who wish to experience Kilimanjaro without having to reach the summit. The Shira Plateau offers one of the best views of Kilimanjaro’s glaciered summit. It’s about 2 hours drive from Arusha to Londorossi Gate to complete entry formalities, then continue for another hour up to Morum Barrier Gate. Begin trekking or mountain biking through heather and moorland. Explore the Shira plateau and visit the ancient collapsed Shira cone, the oldest of Kilimanjaro’s three volcanoes. The amount of time for trekking depends on your energy levels and the time you reach the start point. We recommend a very early start for up to 5 hours hiking or staying closer to West Kilimanjaro for a more leisurely 2 to 3-hour hike. Lunch boxes are provided.

Kilimanjaro Marangu Day trek (full day)

On this hike, we explore the lower reaches of Kilimanjaro that early explorers first discovered. After formalities at the gate, you walk through dense and humid forests for up to 4 hours, and if you are lucky, you may spot the black and white Colobus monkeys in the trees. Continue until you reach the Mandara Huts at 2743m. After your picnic lunch – and if time permits – walk to the Maundi Crater for a long view over the plains and Lake Jipe, and in the distance, the Pare and Usambara mountains.

Descend to the gate to meet your driver and the drive back to your hotel.

What to bring on your trek

Good walking shoes or boots are necessary and we recommend walking poles and an extra layer of warm clothing as conditions can change rapidly. Good sun and rain protection is a must, and all guests should carry a daypack to keep drinking water and other necessities.

3-Day Trek

We also offer 3 day and 2 night trips on the mountain, either on the Marangu route where you will overnight in huts or on the Lemosho route where accommodation is in private tents. A qualified mountain guide, porters, a waiter and a chef will accompany you to carry the equipment and food, which is expertly prepared on the mountain.

Book your trek

Please enquire at about these non-summit treks or our other day trips and treks.

Best Responsible Guide Company

Wow, what a great experience! The final walk up the summit ridge was a just an amazing feeling and luckily, weather conditions on the top cleared up after starting from School Hut in lightly falling snow.

Everything ran like a well-oiled machine. We just couldn’t fault it! We really liked the team approach across porters and guiding staff.  I know that these things don’t just happen and you should be proud of your staff and their efforts. Would I recommend a Nature Discovery Kili trek to friends and family – absolutely! That to me is always the test after completing something like this.

Your advice as to the Shira Plateau route was spot on. Excellent to get the necessary acclimatization time in and nobody suffered from altitude sickness. Having experience that at Everest Base Camp, I was very pleased (and relieved) to come through unscathed this time.

Some specific comments:

Hire gear was great.

Food was exceptional, both as to variety, quality and quantity. Our chef, Felisiana August was superb and turned out meals of a consistently high standard. Both the menu design was excellent and we were continually surprised as our waiter Good Luck announced each evening what we were having.

Guide team: Onest Mtui is the sort of person you just trust and respect. Quietly spoken, very knowledgeable, and as we headed up the mountain on summit day with the ground covered in snow, you just knew that he was right on top of his game. Excellent man and we all really enjoyed his company.

Assistant guide William Bwenje is someone that you need to keep in mind when you are looking to promote new head guides. Both Michael and I were impressed with his depth and maturity. He anticipated problems, worked with people who needed assistance, demonstrated really good leadership qualities and has a very good grasp of English. The overall caliber of your people on our trek was just superb.

So in summary, I must compliment you and all the team on a job well done.

Ian Walker

2020 through October 2022


Join our Chief Project Manager at Nature Discovery as he Attempts to Summit Kilimanjaro with a Small Group of Guests.