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Kilimanjaro Group Treks

For those who would like to climb Kili and who are traveling solo or with just a few people, an economical (and fun!) way to do this is to join one of our scheduled group departures. We offer two different route choices:
Classic Machame Route – 6 night itinerary – 6 days/5 nights on the mountain
Shira Grand Traverse – 8 night itinerary – 8 days/7 nights on the mountain



Total package length is 7 days & 6 nights including 5 nights camping on the mountain + 1 night BB (bed & breakfast) at a lodge in Arusha (one night before the trek)

Note: Minimum of 2 climbers to guarantee the departure

Email us for a detailed itinerary, availability & pricing

Download Machame Route Brochure

Dates for the Machame (Whiskey) Route group trek:

2020Sat 4th January – Fri 10th January
2020Sat 18th January – Fri 24th January
2020Tue 4th February – Mon 10th February
2020Sat 15th February – Fri 21st February
2020Sat 29th February – Fri 6th March
2020Sat 20th June – Fri 26th June
2020Sat 25th July – Fri 31st July
2020Sat 8th August – Fri 14th August
2020Sat 22nd August – Fri 28th August
2020Sat 5th September – Fri 11th September
2020Sat 19th September – Fri 25th September
2020Sat 3rd October – Fri 9th October



Total package length is 9 days & 8 nights including 7 nights camping on the mountain + 1 night BB (bed & breakfast) at a lodge in Arusha (one night before the trek)

Email us for a detailed itinerary, availability & pricing

Download Shira Route Brochure 

Dates for the Shira (Grand Traverse) Route group trek:

2019/2020Sat 28 December, 2019 – Sun 5 January, 2020
2020Sat 11th January – Sun 19th January
2020Sat 25th January – Sun 2nd February
2020Fri  7th February – Fri 15th February
2020Sat 8th February – Sun 16th February
2020Sat 22nd February – Sun 1st March
2020Sat 7th March – Sun 15th March
2020Sat 27th June – Sun 5th July
2020Tue 21st July – Wed 29th July
2020Sat 1st August – Sun 9th August
2020Sat 15th August – Sun 23rd August
2020Sat 29th August – Sun 6th September
2020Sat 12th September – Sun 20th September
2020Sat 26th September – Sun 4th October
2020Sat 10th October – Sun 18th October

Note: Minimum of 2 climbers to guarantee the departure.


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Nature Discovery is the best agent to secure your Kilimanjaro climbing. Guides like Sam and Philip run the strongest team, always disciplined and caring! Equipment is of highest quality, camp management is in order, incredible eating, perfect information and briefing.  A top team spirit; smile on their faces, and, if needed, serious, alert, dedicated. They know the mountain and its challenges! Imagine, two lady-climbers feeling totally safe and perfectly guided by this professional team!
We fully recommend Nature Discovery! It was amazing and we will never forget this wonderful journey!

Wendela and Monique Netherlands

Nature Discovery was very efficient at organising my trek, I dealt directly with them rather than a travel agent. Whilst on the trek, the team of guides and porters were professional, knowledgeable and enjoyable to spend time with. An amazing experience all round. Thank you.

Lisa Huitson Australia

Thank you for the most amazing trip with the best bunch of guides and porters you could wish for…

The pictures are now doing the rounds and we are having a big get together at a local pub tomorrow evening to show all the pictures and videos taken and that will be a great evening and you and all of our guides etc will be very much in our thoughts. Our group had Honest, Nastoria, Edward and Laizer as our guides and they were absolutely fantastic. Please, please pass on our huge thanks to them all for their expert advice and encouragement that managed to get us all to the top and this was solely due to their magnificent help. The food was absolutely top class (better than the Lodge!!) and Good Luck a delight as our waiter.

I can’t thank you enough for the experience, something I know that will stay with me forever

Caroline Sales UK

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