Do you dream about climbing Kilimanjaro? Is it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity? Do you want to make sure it lives up to expectations?

If you answered yes to those three questions, contact Nature Discovery now. Many companies sell Group Treks these days, and more are popping up every year. However, Nature Discovery was one of the first Kilimanjaro Tour Operators over 30 years ago, and we are the recognized leaders today. No one should experience the mountain in any other way.

7 Reasons to Climb with Nature Discovery

  1. Highest Safety Standards: Our guiding and safety gear provisions deliver the safest experience;
  2. Comfiest Camping: Best camping kit;
  3. Professional Team: Our guides and climbing crew are seasoned pros;
  4. Ethical Porter Treatment: We set the standards;
  5. Gourmet Food: Fresh, healthy meals with local ingredients and catering for special needs;
  6. Responsible Tourism: Committed to environmental responsibility;
  7. Over 30 Years Experience: So you benefit from our expertise and passion

Over 30 Years’ Experience: So You Benefit From Our Expertise And Passion

Porters Carry Luggage up KilimanjaroNo other trekking company has the same focus, passion, experience, and expertise as Nature Discovery. As Kilimanjaro specialists, we’ve devoted endless time and energy into making our climbs the most professional, organized and responsible.

With over 30 years experience running treks on the mountain, we’ve climbed every route, visited every campsite, and hiked ever meter of every trail on the mountain. We’re rightly considered the industry leaders, both by international travel professionals and our competitors.

Our managers work to the highest standards and have custom designed our tours and customer service, from your first step to the final hoorah.

We work as a close-knit team and make continual efforts to improve our services. Our greatest rewards are the fantastic feedback we get from our guests, park authorities and our team members. Check out our reviews to see for yourself how people rate Nature Discovery, and find out why Trailblazer Guides rated us the Best Kilimanjaro Guide Company.

Our reputation is impeccable. If you want to climb with the best and have a flawless trekking experience, book with Nature Discovery today. Booking is essential and our tours are popular, so contact us now to avoid disappointment.

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Join our General Manager at Nature Discovery as he Attempts to Summit Kilimanjaro with a Small Group of Guests.

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