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Shira Route Video – Victoria Vodar


Nicholas and Victoria climbed the Shira Route, including a night in the Crater [...]

Shira Route Video – Victoria Vodar2019-02-19T23:51:19+00:00

Ethical, Sustainable Tanzanian Gift Idea


Wondering what to gift that special person who has everything? If you’d like [...]

Ethical, Sustainable Tanzanian Gift Idea2018-12-18T15:13:11+00:00

What it Means to be a Travelife Partner


Nature Discovery officially obtained the Travelife Partner award in October 2018 in [...]

What it Means to be a Travelife Partner2018-11-29T17:41:33+00:00

Helicopter Rescue Service Now Servicing Kilimanjaro


With our tight focus on client safety, we’re thrilled a reliable, professional helicopter rescue [...]

Helicopter Rescue Service Now Servicing Kilimanjaro2018-11-08T18:13:35+00:00

Cleaning up Tanzania Together 


Nature Discovery is committed to sustainable and responsible tourism, and actioned this [...]

Cleaning up Tanzania Together 2018-08-22T19:52:31+00:00

99.3% Proof of Our Fair Porter Treatment


Nature Discovery was one of the first Kilimanjaro Guide Companies to partner Kilimanjaro [...]

99.3% Proof of Our Fair Porter Treatment2018-03-22T16:36:47+00:00