Climb Kilimanjaro in Luxury? It is Possible with Nature Discovery


Nature Discovery offers three gear and service options for climbers who want to attempt Mount Kilimanjaro. These options include Superior, Lite, and Hut.

Climb Kilimanjaro in Luxury? It is Possible with Nature Discovery2023-01-16T01:24:03+00:00

Nature Discovery’s Rental Gear for Your Kilimanjaro Trek


If you aren’t a regular mountain climber or trekker, you may need some additional equipment or gear for this unique experience – gear or equipment that you may only end up using once.

Nature Discovery’s Rental Gear for Your Kilimanjaro Trek2022-12-19T00:37:40+00:00

Ring in the New Year on Kilimanjaro


Spend New Year’s eve at either Baranco or Kibo camps before a midnight wake up as you depart, slowly, to the summit of the Roof of Africa, where you will watch the dawn break on 2023.

Ring in the New Year on Kilimanjaro2022-10-26T01:16:03+00:00

Top 3 Safari Myths – Busted!


If you're going on safari in Tanzania, then you may have heard a few myths about the experience. With 30 years in the safari business, we know a thing or two… or a thousand!

Top 3 Safari Myths – Busted!2022-10-31T00:30:45+00:00

Kilimanjaro Mountain Clean Up


Our porters were able to collect 115kg of waste in 4 days on the route we were given. This is all trash left behind by previous climbers and staff.

Kilimanjaro Mountain Clean Up2022-06-30T02:03:18+00:00

Kilimanjaro Trek Diary – Day 8


In the final instalment of this series, our intrepid explorers make their way down the mountain where they are welcomed by a celebration!

Kilimanjaro Trek Diary – Day 82023-01-09T01:44:18+00:00

Kilimanjaro Trek Diary – Day 7


A midnight start to reach the summit - the group make the final push to the Roof of Africa.

Kilimanjaro Trek Diary – Day 72023-01-09T01:43:56+00:00

Kilimanjaro Trek Diary – Day 6


Spirits are high as the group will be trekking to base camp today!

Kilimanjaro Trek Diary – Day 62023-01-09T01:43:33+00:00

Kilimanjaro Trek Diary – Day 5


The walking is gentle today, and the group pass Giant Lobelia and lots of caves as they make their way to Third Cave Camp.

Kilimanjaro Trek Diary – Day 52023-01-09T01:43:18+00:00

Kilimanjaro Trek Diary – Day 4


Today, our intrepid explorers enjoy amazing views of Kenya and Amboseli National Park, trekking 11km for a total of 8 hours to Pofu camp.

Kilimanjaro Trek Diary – Day 42023-01-09T01:42:25+00:00
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