We train specialists in food preparation, cooking and serving, hygiene management, and equipment management. This level of specialized training and development far surpasses the training and deployment offered by other outfits. We simply go further than others to deliver a professional product and our clients thank us for the attention to detail.

Our porters stand out

Specialized mountain crew members who join every trek:

  • Mountain Chef – Our Mountain Chefs are trained to the highest standards because good nourishment is a priority for our climbers. They specialise in cooking set menu plans based on specially created and highly detailed recipes. Every year we review and improve recipes while our Chefs undergo additional training including vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free menu plans.
  • Waiters – Each trek has a Head Waiter and an Assistant Waiter (depending on service level) to ensure a professional meal service and keeping the dining tent clean & organized.
  • Campsite Manager – Our Campsite Managers organise the expert setup and breakdown of each camp, and practice the Leave No Trace wilderness ethics.
  • Porters – Our happy, highly trained porters carry trekkers’ gear from camp to camp. They are well-trained, professional, friendly, helpful and the strongest porters on the mountain.
  • Camp Set Up Crew – Our fastest porters reach the next camp location first, to secure the best tent sites daily.
  • Sanitary Services Crew – This specialist team is trained in sanitary services including collection and treatment of drinking water and managing hand-washing stations for climbers.
  • Waste crew – All of our treks provide private restroom tents with portable flush chemical toilets. The waste crews maintain, clean and sanitize the toilets, and restock toilet tissue and hand sanitizer.  In special campsites, we also carry out all our solid human waste using patented PETT toilets and ‘wag-bags’.


Join our General Manager at Nature Discovery as he Attempts to Summit Kilimanjaro with a Small Group of Guests.

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