The Arusha Cycling Club and the Rotary Club of Arusha joined forces to sponsor a special event in Olasiti on Saturday, September 7th. This event was a collaborative effort to raise funds for developing the Arusha Cycling Club and to send children in need of heart surgery to India for treatment.

Thomas Holden, General Manager of Nature Discovery was instrumental in helping with fund-raising for the event and coordinating with the Arusha Cycling Club, of which he is an active participant.

The event raised $24,000 – enough to send two children to India for life-saving heart surgery and to get promising Tanzanian cyclists into international races where they can gain experience and visibility. Just recently, Richard Laizer, from Olasiti, Arusha and a member of the Arusha Cycling Club became the first Tanzanian in the country’s history to be offered a contract as a professional cycling athlete. He left for South Africa in July and is racing in Europe to ride with his professional team (MTN –QHUBEKA) in August and September 2013. He is a local superstar, and a role model for other young people in the Arusha area.

Nature Discovery welcomed the opportunity to help sponsor the event and contribute to saving the lives of children in need of heart surgery. Through its support of the Arusha Cycling Club it hopes to influence young people in a positive way for the future of Tanzania.