At Nature Discovery, our dedication to the environment remains steadfast, and we’re proud to announce our latest achievement: the Carbon Tanzania Carbon Credit Certificate. This recognition underscores our efforts to offset carbon emissions generated by our Kilimanjaro treks and office activities throughout 2023, including the consumption of LPG gas, petrol, diesel, and electricity.

Carbon Tanzania Carbon Credit Certificate

Carbon Tanzania Carbon Credit Certificate

In the past year alone, we compensated for 159 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions resulting from our business operations. This initiative has not only reduced our carbon footprint but also contributed to the preservation of approximately 159 trees in the pristine Yaeda-Eyasi landscape of Northern Tanzania.

Tanzanian Forest - Yaeda-Eyasi

Furthermore, our commitment extends beyond mere carbon offsetting. Through our partnership with Carbon Tanzania, we’ve had the privilege of supporting various initiatives benefiting indigenous Hadza hunter-gatherer and Datooga pastoralist communities. These efforts encompass community health, education, forest protection activities, and vital climate mitigation projects.

Hadza hunter-gatherer

Carbon Tanzania, a pioneering social enterprise in East Africa, has revolutionized landscape conservation through its innovative business model. By emphasizing the economic incentives of conservation for local communities, they’ve helped protect forests and wildlife while uplifting the livelihoods of thousands. In 2020 alone, Carbon Tanzania’s natural climate solutions positively impacted 63,000 indigenous and forest people, safeguarded over 650,000 hectares of forest, and verified 1.4 million emissions reductions.

At Nature Discovery, responsible tourism is at the core of our ethos. Despite our growth over the years, we remain true to our founding principles. We’re deeply passionate about adventure and wilderness travel, all while upholding the highest standards of service, safety, and a steadfast commitment to environmental and social responsibility.