Nature Discovery is focused on responsible tourism. Our CSR policy has been financed, implemented and documented for years, and we have a number of tangible successes to show for these efforts. Nevertheless, we ‘re not complacent and continue to assess our business practices to further raise the bar in developing sustainable and fair practices, both in our own company and in the Tanzanian tourism industry. We believe that our successes are much more impactful if we share our innovations, to improve the overall level of awareness and responsibility for the industry as a whole.

Thanks to our partners in sustainability, notably KPAP (the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project) we have been able to help create a real success story for sustainable tourism on Mount Kilimanjaro. Anne De Jong of Fair Sayari is part of a growing contingent of travel consultants who promote responsible tourism. On her home page, she said it straight:

“ I stand for a tourism industry that is fair towards environment and local communities, and where people treat each other and the rest of the world right. “

She interviewed Thomas Holden of Nature Discovery in November of 2018 while at WTM, and tells the story here.