We offer four main options for the level of gear and services. The majority of our treks are run in the ‘Superior’ option, but we also have a more simple and less expensive option, called ‘Lite’. The ‘Lite’ option has a lower weight allowance for each climber: no toilet or toilet tent (clients use the park’s toilets), smaller dining chairs, plus a smaller mess tent. We also offer a “Hut” option, with even more simple equipment choices. On the flip side, we also offer a luxury spec, with options like walk-in sleeping tents with frame beds and solar lighting systems, hot shower services, mess tent heaters, sparkling wine service, and other indulgences to make the experience more comfortable!

The differences are all clearly exhibited here in the gear and service specifications chart

On any trek, we provide the same quality and commitment in guiding and porter ethics, and all treks get the same safety gear and safety standards.