The ‘normal’ way to climb Kilimanjaro is to have the last camp at about 15,000’ (4,600m) and do an overnight ascent to the summit, leaving camp at about midnight, and making for a 12-17 hour trekking day. The option is to trek up to the summit during daylight hours and camp in the crater. The overnight at crater camp does make for a challenging sleep, but trekkers can experience much more of the summit, glaciers, and central (Reusch) crater, which overnight climbs do not experience. The Crater camp is at 5,800m (19,000′), so taking enough time is essential to be able to camp here. Treks must be 9 or 10 days in order to include a night in Crater Camp.

If you want to trek to the summit during the daylight hours but NOT sleep at Crater Camp, we can also arrange this by spending two nights at the high camp, making the summit attempt during the day. This involves a longer final trek to the gate, as you trek from the high camp all the way to the gate.