Nature Discovery was one of the first Kilimanjaro Guide Companies to adopt “Partners For Responsible Travel” through KPAP’s monitoring program.  We are considered to be the industry leader in practicing ethical porter treatment standards in our work on Kilimanjaro.  Over the years, our dedication to this partnership has meant many changes in the way that we operate, and a tireless system of follow up on anything that is reported to us by KPAP’s Investigative porters.

about3Now there are 35 KPAP partner companies, which makes up about 10-12% of all Kilimanjaro operators, and numbers are growing.  We believe that more Kilimanjaro operators becoming KPAP partners is the only way to bring sweeping change to the industry as a whole.  KPAP estimates that through their partner monitoring programme, they positively affect the lives of more than 6,000 porters and their families.  As the only independent body checking the claims that are made by many organisations about fair porter treatment on Kilimanjaro, they are a vital piece of the puzzle for any client considering a Kilimanjaro trek outfitter.  Climbing with a KPAP partner company guarantees that the porters on your climb are being well treated.

KPAP operates as a non-profit organisation and their work is made possible by donations.  If you would like to make a donation to support their work then you can do so here:

For more information about KPAP please see their website:

If you would like any further information regarding our involvement in the KPAP partner program,  please contact us.

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