Kilimanjaro Trek Diary – Day 7


A midnight start to reach the summit - the group make the final push to the Roof of Africa.

Kilimanjaro Trek Diary – Day 72023-01-09T01:43:56+00:00

Kilimanjaro Trek Diary – Day 6


Spirits are high as the group will be trekking to base camp today!

Kilimanjaro Trek Diary – Day 62023-01-09T01:43:33+00:00

Kilimanjaro Trek Diary – Day 5


The walking is gentle today, and the group pass Giant Lobelia and lots of caves as they make their way to Third Cave Camp.

Kilimanjaro Trek Diary – Day 52023-01-09T01:43:18+00:00

Kilimanjaro Trek Diary – Day 4


Today, our intrepid explorers enjoy amazing views of Kenya and Amboseli National Park, trekking 11km for a total of 8 hours to Pofu camp.

Kilimanjaro Trek Diary – Day 42023-01-09T01:42:25+00:00

Kilimanjaro Trek Diary – Day 3


Gary and his guests practice the step-rest method as they trek to Lava Tower at 4600m.

Kilimanjaro Trek Diary – Day 32023-01-09T01:41:59+00:00

Kilimanjaro Trek Diary – Day 2


Today the group will hike up to 3859m to Shira 2 camp, visiting visit the Cathedral, an amazing viewpoint a short hike off the trail to Shira 2.

Kilimanjaro Trek Diary – Day 22023-01-09T01:41:35+00:00

Kilimanjaro Trek Diary – Day 1


Join Gary, General Manager at Nature Discovery, as he attempts to summit Kilimanjaro with a small group of guests. This is the first installation of a day-by-day blog series exploring what you can expect on your trek.

Kilimanjaro Trek Diary – Day 12023-01-09T01:28:26+00:00

Meet the Smiling Mountain Guide: William Bwenje


William is a gifted mountain guide. His immeasurable patience and physical strength, soft-spoken nature and kind manner help many of our climbers reach Kilimanjaro’s summit.

Meet the Smiling Mountain Guide: William Bwenje2022-03-10T23:50:27+00:00

Nature Discovery Opposes the Planned Kilimanjaro Cable Car Project.


The Tanzanian government is planning a new cable car project in order to double the number of climbers on Mount Kilimanjaro. However, the impact on the environment and communities could be irreversible.

Nature Discovery Opposes the Planned Kilimanjaro Cable Car Project.2022-04-27T00:45:39+00:00

Machalari – Banana and Beef Coconut Stew


Our banana and beef coconut stew is a traditional dish from the Kilimanjaro region and is known as machalari. This dish is jam-packed with protein to ensure that you have all the energy you need to climb the mountain.

Machalari – Banana and Beef Coconut Stew2023-01-30T22:58:20+00:00
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